ST. LOUIS (AP) — A top Missouri Democrat is calling for an investigation of the health director, who said he tracked menstrual periods of Planned Parenthood patients.

State House Minority Leader Crystal Quade on Tuesday said Republican Gov. Mike Parson must immediately review if patient privacy was compromised.

Quade added that she’s not sure if Department of Health and Senior Services Director Randall Williams is fit to serve.

Williams testified Tuesday that he requested a spreadsheet that included the dates of the last periods of a St. Louis clinic’s patients.

Williams says the goal was to identify women who needed multiple procedures to complete an abortion. He says a state investigator had access to the information from medical records.

Williams’ testimony drew national outcry. Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker described the move as “dystopian” in a Tuesday tweet.

Planned Parenthood issued a statement calling the revelation “deeply disturbing.”