Courtesy Jesse Scheve/Missouri State University

In Missouri State’s annual State of the University address Monday in Springfield, leaders addressed how the school continues to grow despite a recent slowdown in student enrollment.

MSU’s President Clif Smart listed of recent accomplishments that include a multi-story residence hall west of JQH area, to a 10 million dollar increase in core-funding from the state, as well as various academic and athletic achievements.

The president also addressed its slightly lower enrollment this year, dropping from 26,182 in 2018, to 26,001 in 2019. The number is also forecasted to drop again next year.

Smart said while the loss is not catastrophic, another loss of 800 undergraduate students would equal a loss of up to 6 million dollars in revenue.

Citing reasons for the drop, Smart said it’s likely due to Mizzou’s increased enrollment after several down years.

The President also said international student enrollment is down about 15 percent from all countries compared to two or three years ago. He cited the recent political climate that might make it harder for students to get visas, or the perception of gun violence in America.

The university says its also looking at ways to keep students, with recent data showing less than 55 percent of students actually graduating in the past 6 years.

Smart says they are retooling ways to recruit and retain students.