A teenage girl from Oklahoma was arrested after threatening to enter her former high school and “shoot 400 people for fun.” 18-year-old Alexis Wilson made the threats Sunday while working at a pizza shop in McAlester, Oklahoma.  Police say the incident began with Wilson showing a coworker an iPhone video of her shooting her newly purchased AK-47.

The teenager went on to share that she resented many of the people at McAlester High School, which she was expelled from after a number of violent incidents — including bringing a knife to class. The told her co-worker she wanted to “shoot 400 people for fun and that there were so many people at her old school that she would like to do it.”   The coworker told police about the conversation, and Wilson was charged with a felony for making a terrorist threat against her former school. Police searched Wilson’s home and found the AK-47, along with six magazines and a 12-gauge shotgun. Wilson’s phone also contained multiple videos of her shooting guns.

Wilson has maintained her innocence, telling police she “would never shoot up a school” and that her coworker misunderstood her. She did not deny making the comments, though.  She is being held on a $250,000 bond, and her court date is set for Sept. 27.

Oklahoma teen accused of threatening to shoot ‘400 people for fun’

Via www.nbcnews.com