Fair Grove Police Department Facebook page

The Fair Grove Police Department wants to let people know about scam phone calls that have been made into the community.

The police department posted on their Facebook page about a couple of phone numbers where all the calls have come from males with a heavy foreign accent claiming to work for the Social Security Administration with their calls targeting senior citizens.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Fair Grove Police Department.

(Information provided by the Fair Grove Police Department)

*SCAM ALERT** Please share!

FGPD has received several calls and complaints today about scam phone calls originating from 410-346-1823 and 800-772-1213.

The scammers are all males with heavy foreign accents claiming to work for the Social Security Administration and are targeting local senior citizens.

In these calls, the “SSA Agents” are telling callers that their social security cards have been compromised and are demanding anywhere between $500 to $2000 in Google Play gift cards, to be picked up at Kum n Go, Dollar General and Summer Fresh.

Hang up if you receive this call! Remember, no governmental agency will ever call to demand money, especially in the form of gift cards!