If you live in the Springfield Public School district you will see a bond issue on the Tuesday, April 2nd municipal election ballot. Proposition S  is an 18-cent debt-service levy increase that would be split over two years and would fund 39 ‘high-priority’ projects that a Community Task Force on facilities identified, including: renovations or reconstruction for 6 schools, creating safer entrances at 31 schools, plus adding classroom space to expand pre-school services. Work on these projects is scheduled to be complete by 2022. The total bond proposal wound amount to $167,733,136.

If this proposition is approved, the debt service levy is would increase an additional 9-cents to 64-cents per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation in tax year 2019 and then by an additional 9-cents to 73-cents for tax year 2020.  According to the Springfield Public School District, the debt service levy would raise a residential property with the market value of $100,000 by $34.20. Commercial real estate valued at $500,000 would increase a commercial tax bill by $288.

On Wednesday, February 27th the Greene County Democrats will be holding a town hall meeting at the Library Center Auditorium,  4653 S. Campbell in Springfield, from 6:30-8pm. This town hall meeting will feature representatives from SPS who will be there to talk about the bond issue and answer your questions.

If you cannot make it to this town hall meeting, Springfield Public Schools will be hosting a number of Proposition S open house tours and presentations. Below is the list:

All of the schools where a tour and presentation are scheduled would benefit from the bond issue. Hillcrest would get a partial renovation at the cost of $24,750,000. Jarrett, Boyd, and Delaware would all see reconstruction at the cost of $41,540,000, $20,340,000, and $23,780,000 respectively. Sunshine and Williams would see renovations at the cost of $13,890,000 and $14,320,000. In addition, Williams would see the addition of an Early Childhood Mini-Hub at the cost of $3,650,000. There would also be the creation of a new SW Early Childhood Center that would cost $12,690,000.

If you would like to read the full ballot language on the Tuesday, April 2nd election:
Shall The School District of Springfield R-XII issue its general obligation bonds in the amount of $168,000,000 for the purpose of (1) improving, repairing, renovating and acquiring buildings, including security improvements, (2) constructing new buildings and purchasing land, and (3) furnishing and quipping school buildings? If this proposition is approved, the District’s adjusted debt service levy is estimated to increase by $0.09 to $0.64 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation in tax year 2019 and by an additional $0.09 to $0.73 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation in tax year 2020.

The last day to register to vote in the Tuesday, April 2nd election is on Wednesday, March 6, 2019.