We’ve all heard of the stupid online challenges for kids, like the Tide Pod challenge, but the newest one has law enforcement on high alert.

Police are now warning parents of teenagers about the new ’48-Hours Missing’ challenge. The challenge’s name sums it up pretty clear. Teens are daring each other to run away from home for 2 days.

Not only do the teens run away, there is also a game that goes with the challenge. You get a point for every time your disappearance is mentioned on social media.

Child psychologist Polly Dunn believes that the worst thing that parents can do is ignore the issue and assume that your child would never participate in something like this. She encourages you to chat with your child about social media challenges and the dangers they pose. In addition, she encourages parents to be active on social media and follow your children.

There is a small tip for parents. If your child has a smartphone, make sure their location finder is turned on. This function can help in the search for them.

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