Photo courtesy of Glendale High School Facebook page

There will be extra police patrolling Glendale High School on Friday.

An anonymous threatening message was found in a bathroom at the school on Thursday afternoon.

Police say someone is being questioned and an investigation is underway.

The threat comes just a week after Glendale was locked down for a threat against a student.

The following message was sent to parents:

After school today, an anonymous message was found in a restroom at Glendale High School threatening violence at school on Friday. All appropriate measures are being taken to fully investigate this threat.

School police officers have identified a suspect and conducted interviews. At this time, the investigation has not produced any information that would cause us to believe that this is a credible threat.

We intend to adhere to our regular schedule tomorrow. In preparation, we will exercise a heightened sense of awareness and have an increased presence of additional school police officers at school.

We encourage you to talk with your child about this and the importance of sharing any information he or she might have about this incident or any safety concern. Information can be shared directly with school administrators, through our Text Tip Line at (417) 319-2901 or by calling School Police at (417) 523-2911.

We do not take threats of violence lightly and we want you to know that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken upon completion of our investigation.