Hey there! I'm Cash Williams from the KTTS Morning Show in Springfield, MO. After seeing some not-so-good things in Springfield and coming in contact with a mother-in-need, I've decided to take November to try to make a difference. 

Every single day of the month, I intend to do something nice for someone in the community. Whether that be buying groceries for a deserving family, paying for their utilities that are about to be turned off or paying for a kids' overdue lunch charges. I want to spread kindness.

Although I will be using some of my own money for this, I thought you might like to be involved. Every penny that I receive through this page will go to helping better the Ozarks for someone. Feel free to do your own thing during Nicevember, but I figured if we all chipped in a little, it could go a long way. Click here to help donate.

You have my word to use this for good. Anything you donate is so appreciated. Now, go out there and #BeBetter. For more information, click here.

Here's how the money has been spent so far (I'll update as the month continues):
Kept the lights on for a single mother & 2 kids: $76

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