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  • Weekend Update for Nov. 8-10

    Here is this weeks rundown of fun family friendly activities for this weekend!!!- Summa

  • Justin Moore falls down in concert....(VIDEO)

    Last Friday night was one of the best concerts I have ever seen! Justin Moores' "Off the Beaten Path" with Randy Houser and Josh Thompson was freakin' awesome! The guys had a packed house at the Shrine Mosque and the music was rockin'!

  • Unbelievable Gymnasts from the Ukraine!

    Oh MY WORD!!!!! Have you seen the gymnasts from the Ukraine?

  • Great Tips to Save Your Clothes and Stuff!!!

    Here is a cool fact about women, if we find some awesome tips, we just gotta pass them on. Some of these "tips" are old some maybe new to you. Either way- "save" and print and put them in your recipe book for later. I have tried several and they work for the most part!!! -Summa

  • Here is YOUR Monday smile.... "cartoon"

    Monday's are always a big fat yucky day!!! Here is you Monday smile.... Have a great work week!!-

  • Weekend Update for Nov. 1-3

    Getting closer to the Holidays and plenty of fun "outdoor" activities due to the holidays too! I remember when I was growing up we would load up the car- Mom would make some popcorn and we had blankets and pillows as we looked at everyone's Christmas Lights. We did the same thing with our boys when they were little. Do you have traditions? Time to get some. Here is a great line up of some fun idea's for you and the kids... -Summa

  • Happy Halloween!

    Kiddo's in costumes not getting good visability becauses of make up and masks need YOU to watch for them tonight in neighborhoods!

  • Baby cries when Mama sweet!

    Have you seen this????? This is one of the sweetest video's I have ever seen. An adorable baby who is so in love with his Mama, that when she sings a song, he hears the pain in her voice and starts to cry. When I watch it, it just makes me wanna cry too- Summa

  • A Missouri Family Predicts a Cardinal Win!!!

    We all read some really weird stuff like " Hide Your Cats Before the Aliens Eat Them" Or "Eating Dog Pooh Makes You Stronger". This news story is not nearly as far fetched as those but it is quite odd, and hopefully true.

  • Have you seen the leaves?

    Holy Toledo the Autumn colors are incredible this year! Perfect weather has let mother nature show off this year when it comes to great fall foliage!

  • Weekend Update for October 25-27 2013

    I can't believe that October is almost over! Where did the month go? Before you know it the snow will be flying and there will be Christmas carols on the radio! Here is a list of some fun stuff for you and the kiddo's this weekend- just go ahead and print it off.- Stay safe- Summer

  • Pumpkin on a stick, Pumpkin Pie.......

    Just look at what October has become!!! Pumpkin spice everything! Maybe "Forrest Gump" should be re-filmed to have Bubba own a Pumpkin Patch! Happy October- Summer

  • Cat Eyes Making a Come back....UGH!

  • Practice makes perfect!

    Back in the day when I was in college or even high school for that matter, I would hear the sounds of the marching bands practice. Those guys and gals practiced day in and day out even Saturdays and in the evenings! Always striving to be the best.


    Halloween is only 10 days away!!!! Got your treats yet? What is the most popular candy? Snickers, What is the most popular costume? Duck Dynasty anything!! Enjoy the day- Summa

  • Can you believe this is a CAKE?

    Nashville Kat told me about this cake that a woman in Austin, Texas made. It took her 30 hours to design, bake and sculpt. It's an incredible likeness to Willie Nelson. I don't think I could even eat it!! Have the best weekend EVER- Summa

  • Keith Urban hits Springfield on Sunday!!!!

    Keith Urban along with Little Big Town, and Dustin Lynch are all coming to Springfield this Sunday!!!! Are you going?????? I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  • Weekend Update for Oct. 18-20

    What a great weekend in store for us! Have you noticed the trees? Lots of color starting to start- the walnut trees are dropping their nuts, and everyone is preparing for winter. Here are some fun stuff for you to enjoy with the kids this weekend...

  • I met Kieth Urban before........

    Kieth Urban performs at the Q this Sunday and to be honest I am pretty pumped to see him again. Yes I said "again". You see I met Kieth back in 2000 when he was signing autographs at Walmart on North Kansas Expressway. I had a quick interview with him, chatted him up, and then saw him again at Midnight Rodeo where he performed on stage. Time hasn't aged him, it sure has aged me! I am so glad I no longer have that hair style any longer!

  • Insomnia- why can't I sleep?

    Don't you just love the feeling of being so tired that you just know once your head hits the pillow you will be out like a light? So do I, EXCEPT when I can't sleep because my brain wont turn off.

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