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  • Weekend Update for May 5-7

    Yucky weather may keep you inside this weekend. I know it's hard to be happy with these kind of temps in the month of May. Maybe you can find something to do with the kiddos. Have a great weekend- Summer

  • Zach Kral is coming home from Kuwait TODAY!

    Today is the day Officer Zach Kral comes back from Kuwait! I have known Zach since he was 5 years old when he and his twin sister Brittany and their parents Steve and Diana came to the Ozarks from Texas. It's hard to believe Zach will soon be 27 and has served overseas. What an accomplishment!

  • Tractor Pulling is coming!!!!

    Ugh..... tractor pulling is just around the corner. It's not that I am a totally against it, its just not MY thing.

  • Keith Urbans tribute to George Jones (Video)

  • Weekend Update For April 26-28

    Looks like a fairly decent weather weekend. Lots going on. Check the list and see if anything interests you. Above all- have a great weekend and get some sleep!!!!- Summer

  • Vote for Kickapoo!

    It looks like a team of kids from Kickapoo have submitted 4 designs of shoes to be part of the "Vans Costume Culture contest". 1500 schools were eligible to enter and Kickapoo is in the top 50!!!! Please go online and vote! It takes a couple of seconds once your are on the website.

  • "Crazy Thursday" at KTTS!!!!

    Tomorrow is gonna be wild! Why you ask? Let me fill you in. Thursday's are "Mad Cow" Thursdays! Which means every time we play "Beat the Bovine" with Katie the Cash Cow, you win that amount of money! We'll play "KTTS Beat the Bovine" 4 times a day starting at 7:15, 9:15, 1:15, and 3:15 each workday.!!

  • Luke Bryan teaching guys to "Shake it"

    Ok, girls we know how to "Shake it" but does your guy? At a recent Luke Bryan Concert he decided to help the dudes out.

  • Weekend Events......

  • Dance as if no one was looking.....(Video)

  • Fried Dandelions Anyone?

    When KTTS Nashville Insider "Nashville Kat" was telling me that over the weekend she fried up some dandelions- I thought she was pulling my leg. As it turns out she wasn't, she even sent me her recipe.

  • Tax Day- Free stuff at restaurants!

    It's all about getting free stuff with me. Today April 15, you actually can get some good deals at some restaurants. Here is a short list of some Springfield eateries that have given us a break today.

  • A Tribute To Dairy Farmers (Video)

  • Weekend Ideas!

    Don't know what to do this weekend? Let me help- I have compiled a list of activities for all ages to enjoy! It's gonna be warm get outside and play- maybe fly a kite- Summa

  • Ring of Fire with Jewel

    I don't exactly know why, but I am infatuated with Johnny and June Carter Cash. I loved "I Walk the Line" with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. Today, I just found out there will be another movie focusing on my favorite country couple. This new movie will be on the Lifetime channel May 27 and it stars Jewel. Here is a clip of "Ring the Fire". See if it grabs you in like it did me...

  • U.S. Soilders Vs Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders Video

    We have always heard that "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". That saying fits perfectly in this really cute video. The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders sent the guys over in Afghanistan a neat little video using Carly Rae Jepson's song "Call Me Maybe" The boys mimic the girls to a T- check it out so cute!!! It's really fun to watch!

  • Fun times this weekend!

    Here is your weekend update! With the weather so nice- I am sure you can find something to do outside!

  • New Band Perry's Video "DONE"

    Vevo and youtube are both now playing the latest Band Perry Video. Take a look.....

  • Kristian Bush "Love or Money"

    It's been "break-time" for Sugarland ever since Jennifer Nettles had her baby boy last year.

  • Egg Hunts and More!

    A busy weekend and hopefully the weather won't be an issue. Check out the Easter fun at several area locations! Happy Easter!

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