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  • It's the Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year! (VIDEO)

    I sing this every year..... I remeber when my kids were starting school- I just love it!!!- Summa

  • Cat in a Shark Costume on a Rumba (VIDEO)

    I laughed so hard when I saw this video. Watch the cats tail. How can you NOT laugh???? It's a great MONDAY video!

  • Weekend Updates for Aug.9-11

    Here is your update for this weekend! Hopefully it wont rain and we can actually get out and enjoy the lower temps and sunshine- Summa

  • Goofy Picture week- Here's Mine!!!

    School starting next Wednesday here in Springfield. I had to share my "goofy" picture since Mr. Mark shared his yesterday. He looked cool and kinda like Justin Beiber.

  • Pencil Carving- INCREDIBLE!!!

    A friend of mine sent this set of pictures to me of some "Pencil Art" It's not pictures drawn by your pencil but those carved from pencils- They are incredible!!! Happy Wednesday- Summer

  • Farmers Market's RULE!!

    I went to the new Farmers Market at Glenstone and Republic road on Saturday. I must say I loved it! Local farms, fresh produce and some homemade bread! INCREDIBLE!

  • I wish I could Dance like this!

    I must tell you that I am not a very good dancer. I took ballet and tap as a young kid but couldn't really get the rhythm. I wanted to have a talent, but my body had other plans. It seems my brain and my talent could never meet in the middle.

  • Weekend Update for August 2-4

    Here is your Friday weekend update!! Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Summer

  • I Love this Cupcake Bouquet!!!

    You know when you want to give someone special a little extra something? Or maybe you have new neighbors, or how about a special "thank you?" I saw this cool little cupcake bouquet and I thought- that is FABULOUS and what an easy idea. Whatcha think?- Summa

  • Have you had Gall Bladder surgery?

    My son is getting ready for Gall Bladder surgery and I must say as a Mama, I am a little nervous for him. Grant has been having these attacks now since December and we have had all kinds of tests from Colonoscopy to Ultra Sounds and now just recently a HydaScan. Finally his diagnosis..... his Gall Bladder is only operating at 15%.

  • The Best Girlie Cupcakes!

    I think I just found my ultimate cupcake. This is perfect for girls of all ages. Check it out- Summer

  • Better than FAIR weather!

    How was the weekend??? Great weather huh??? I am just giddy about Rick Moore joining the KTTS Morning Show today. He is an awesome person, funny, intelligent, and a great story teller! You will love him as much as we do! So looking forward to lots of fun!

  • Weekend Update for July 26-28

    Here is your list of fun stuff to do in the Ozarks this weekend- Be Safe- Summa

  • Big Concert Announcement.....

    Wow it's amazing how many big name bands and artists are making their way to good old Springfield, Missouri. Ok, here is what we know to date.

  • Royal baby food testers....(Video)

    The KC Royals are wanting to become the "Royal" babyfood testers for the new "Royal" bundle of joy from Will and Kate. Cute idea...- Summer

  • Bleed Red Blood Drive for the CBCO

    Hey the next two days are very important! It's a chance for you to give back to the community in a wonderful way. A donation of... blood. When you think of it, its free, except for your time. If you give blood you are helping not only others with possible life threatening illnesses, but you are showing your are committed to THIS community.

  • Concerts, Concerts, Concerts......

    The Ozark Empire Fair begins Thursday! Woop! With the fair comes, hot weather, corndogs and CONCERTS!!!! This Friday is the KTTS Mega Catch a Rising Star Concert. Five artits will each take the stage starting at 6 pm. Big names in country music. Jerrod Nieman, Glorianna, Rachel Farley, Drake White and Noe Palma.

  • Who's idea was this? (Video)

    Making your wedding memorable...... and seen throughout the world!!!! Funny stuff! I wonder who's idea this was his or hers?- Have a great weekend! Summa

  • Plenty to do this Weekend!

    Summertime always brings plenty of outdoor activities. See what you and the family can do this weekend.- Summer

  • Smartest Dog in the World. (Video)

    I used to think my dog "Macy" a Westie, was the smartest dog in the world. She can dance on your hind legs, beg, and knows whats in the fridge. But I guess I was wrong! Check out this video of the "Smartest Dog" in the world! It's UNBELIEVABLE- Enjoy your day and stay cool- Summa

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