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  • Are you ready to DANCE? It's ALMOST FRIDAY!!

    I Love to dance! I look awful but I love it!!! I found this video on the history of all dances- check it- and enjoy a breaktime at work!!! {{hugs}} Summa

  • What happened to Hostess Donettes?

    I was so excited when "Hostess" snack foods came back to the states. I so missed my Chocolate covered Hostess Donettes. When they first were on the shelves in July- I bought the sweet goodness and, yep they looked and tasted the same as I remembered. Delish!!

  • Ski's for Running Shoes.....

    As you may or may not know- I have started running. I started on Thanksgiving Day and participated in the annual Turkey Trot! I was hooked. Do you know what kind of "natural" high you get from running? It's fabulous not to mention the added benefits of being more toned and weight lose.

  • Funny Funny Monday Videos...

    Think YOU are having a bad day? Check out these youtube "fail" video's. Enjoy! {{hugs}} Summa

  • Weekend Update for Jan 10-12

    Alrighty, here is your line up for fun for this weekend. The great news is that the kids can be outside! Yes I said OUTSIDE! Warmer temps and sunshine is in the forecast for the next 6-7 days! Can I hear a Woop Woop?????? {{hugs}} Summa

  • Bad Winter Morning! Is this you????

    I so could so see this happen to me! Everything looks the same......... {{hugs}} Summa

  • Velveeta Shortage???

    Say it isn't so.... I just heard there could be a Velveeta shortage just in time for the BIG GAME next month! I don't mean to be cheesy, OK I do, but I MUST have my queso and chips. Oh, sure you can use another processed cheese but as you know its JUST NOT THE SAME. As soon as I get off work - I am headed to Price Cutter, Dillons, or Harter House to find my Velveeta.

  • Emergency Cold Weather kit

    Frigid temps have you thinking of safety, especially when traveling. Are you prepared? Are you ready? Prepare for the worse but hope for the best. Here is a list of some very important items you should have in a bin in the trunk or in the back seat.

  • Goals for 2014

    It's the third day of the new year, and I still haven't broken my goals for 2014. How are you doing with your resolutions? I hear it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I am trying.

  • Happy Happy New Year!!!

  • Get out the Glitter!!!!

    Here we are the 11th hour of the year. It's New Years Eve! Are you ready?

  • Merry Christmas!

    How are the holidays treating you? Are you done, everything shopped and wrapped up and ready to go????

  • Watch out... Santa is looking!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Watch your cookies!! {{hugs}} Summa

  • GREAT Feel Good VIdeo with State Trooper!!

    Merry Christmas. I saw this video and teared up.

  • Need to tie up lose ends? GIFT CARDS!

    With Christmas coming up on Wednesday -needless to say- our shopping days are limited. If you are like me, sometimes you just gotta buck up and give a gift card! If you are in that same boat, let me help you with some local businesses that will also give YOU a little gift too if you have to buy gift cards. Check it out and say "Merry Christmas" to ME!!

  • Wednesday is FREE shipping Day!!!

    Ok we went thru Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and if you still haven't completed your holiday shopping- today (Wednesday) may be your day! It's FREE shipping Day! There are over 800 retail shops that will not only ship your presents for FREE but also guarantee them to arrive before or on Christmas Eve. What a deal? Wanna know where to buy to take advantage of the Free shipping? Here are some local shops to shop from.

  • Mega Millions another Christmas headache?

    Christmas is coming Christmas is coming!!! Ok we all know that right? I saw my first Christmas commercial the day after Halloween. But guess what???? I am still not ready.

  • Weekend Fun for the Family!

    Plenty to do around the Ozarks! Stay safe and be careful! {{hugs}}-Summa

  • Winter "Fails" Video

    Lots of "Fail Winter" clips to make you amazed, and in awe!- {{hugs}}- Summa

  • Two feet of Snow!!

    How appropriate for the snow that we have received! {{hugs}}- Summa

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