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  • Springfieldian Gracie Gold is asked to the Prom!

    You know you are a BIG celeb when a random guy from a random city in the U.S. asks you to the Prom. This is exactly what happened to Gracie Gold. I must admit this kid asked her in a personal and unique way. Check out his video. BTW- Gracie hasn't responded but she did mention him on Twitter. {{hugs}} Summa

  • Great pictures from our "She's Country" contest

    We had tons of guys dressed up as gals, and I must say they are all FANTASTIC! It's a good thing I wasn't a judge because it would be impossible for me to decide. One picture had be rolling. It's a picture of this Girl- Guy who made me very uncomfortable because "SHE" kept looking at me like this. What do you think? HAHAHAHAHAH {{Hugs}} Summa

  • Weekend Update for Feb.21-23

    Here is your list of Family activities for the weekend! Get out and Enjoy and stay safe!!! {{hugs}} Summa

  • Brian Williams HipHop....Video HILARIOUS!

    Check it out- who knew Brian could Hip to the Hop???? Lots of work and editing went into this clip- Thanks Jimmy Kimmel for putting it together for us!!!- Summer

  • Luke Bryan trips on stage!

    It good to know that I am not the only one who is a klutz at times! Luke Bryan trips while taking a step on his riser stage with his guitar. He was such a class act too. Check it out. Funny! {{hugs}} Summa

  • Emily Scott ... my favorite Olympian!

    I am so going to miss the Olympics when they are over! Every night Mark and I gather around the TV and watch some awesome athletes perform their skills in front of millions of people around the world. Each athlete looks calm, collected and fearless! Including one of our very favorites, Emily Scott.

  • Funny Monday Dog Dancing v ideo

    Need a Monday laugh? Gotcha covered. Who knew I looked like this when I danced?

  • Weekend Update- Fun stuff!!

    Here is your line up for weekend fun! Thank goodness the weather is going to cooperate! Have a safe and fun time with the family {{Hugs}} Summer

  • Blake Shelton is one of Country's big KISSERS!

    Blake Shelton is know for kissing Miranda but other.... GUYS too? He has BRO-mances with several guys in the country genre. Matter of fact its been documented. Take a peek at all the kisses that Blake has laid on others.

  • Help Colin celebrate his birthday!

    I love children. ALL children. I just read a story about a mom named Jennifer who asked her son Colin if he would like to have a birthday party. Colin's response was "I don't have any friends". Colin has Asperger's and it's not easy for him to make friends.

  • Who knew Banana's were so.... useful?

    Next time you pick up a banana remember it's not just for eating any more!

  • Man almost buried from snowplow snow!

    Having a bad day, and it just got started?? Check out this guy who is just walking down the side walk when wham.... a blanket of snow from a nearby snowplow buries him. This guy really gets plowed!! {{hugs}}- Summa

  • Weekend Fun Stuff

    Here ya go a list of things to do with YOUR family! {{hugs}}- Summa

  • Best Mother-Son Dance EVER! (Video)

    I have two boys and when they get married, I would love to do something like this! If ONLY they would want to as well! Check it OUT! {{hugs}} Summa

  • Fun Cat Video's RULE!!

    I know you need a break from the snow so ENJOY {{hugs}} Summa

  • Mother Nature give us a BREAK!!

    Tonight is the night...(dun dun dun)- "The KTTS Listener Appreciation Party!" We, here at the station have been waiting for months for this night!

  • The SWAG of Joe Namath's Coat!

    IT was the big game yesterday..... and I can't get Joe Namath's coat out of my mind. I probably am the only person in the USA besides Joe that LOVED his coat. It looked warm, it was trendy and it was the Joe Namath swag of yester-year. Yes, I said yester-year. It's an OLD coat. He actually wore this to a game back in 1973. Holy cow, even I can do the math that is 41 years old! I wish I looked like that at 41! Check out the pictures. Have a fabulous work week! {{hugs}} Summa

  • Weekend Update for Jan.31- Feb 2

    Here is your family lineup for fun this weekend! Enjoy the big game on Sunday- {{hugs}} Summa

  • New Budweiser Commercial for the Big Game!

    Another fuzzy feel good commercial from the folks at Budweiser. First - I LOVE the Clydesdale Horses, Second- I LOVE puppies. Combined the two and you get this adorable commercial. Nothing like the love between two animals. {{hugs}} Summer

  • Jim Cantore kicks kid in the groin!

    The Weather Channels Jim Cantore just wont tolerate college kids trying to steal his limelight- Check out this video from last night's weather report in Charleston, S.C. Priceless!!! {{hugs}} Summa

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