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  • If you missed Blake Sheltons' special....

    Great news!!!! If you missed Blake Sheltons" Not So Family Christmas "on Dec. 3- you can see it again! NBC will be re-running the show on Dec. 14 or take a look down below!

  • Weekend Activities Abound!


  • Farmer Gangnam style video!!! Check it out!

    I think this style dance is EVERYWHERE.... even in the cornfields! A cute take on a weird dance!

  • Flash Mob Carolers! Don't miss this!!!!

    The Best Christmas video ever! It is fairly long, watch it when the boss isn't around... Don't turn off before you see the ending. It gave me goosebumps, and chills. It will make you cry. I did!

  • Toby'Keith's new video!!!

    It's Toby Keiths new Video- "Hope on the Rocks'- He plays a bartender who sings about some pretty heavy issues from 6 different patrons. Watch it now!

  • Weekend Activities

    Plenty to do in the Ozarks! Go ahead and print this list off- there is something for everyone this weekend!

  • Sneak Peek at Carrie's new video

    Check it out- a SHORT peek at Carrie Underwoods brand new video Two Black Cadillacs Trailer! Unfortunately we have to wait until January before we see the rest!

  • My FIRST TV Hearthrob has died........

    I remember at the age of 4 or 5 watching "I Dream of Jeanie" starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman. I LOVED, no change that, I was absolutely SMITTEN with U.S Air Force Captain Tony Nelson aka "Master". Tony was so LOVABLE, he would help Jeannie get out of all these problems while keeping her special identity safe. It was a great show and a great "FIRST" TV love.

  • How much is too much money?????

    Ok the Powerball Jackpot is now..... drum roll please 325 MILLION dollars! Holy Toledo that is some serious moolah! It is the fourth largest jackpot EVER!

  • KEEP this Black Friday Store list!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Okie Dokie, we all know that Black Friday has become Black Thursday Night. A chance for the stores to get a head-start on those holiday dollars.

  • Finally, a Thanksgiving Day Song!

    Nope, its NOT a "Country" Thanksgiving Day song, but it is a T-giving song just the same. When I first listened to it, I thought- ho hum. But as I continued to watch and listen to the video, it started making me smile. It reminds me of "Call me Maybe" By Carly Rae Jepsen. Love those mashed potatoes! Take a listen- It's cute......

  • Weekend Fun!

    Another GREAT weekend for stuff for the family. Check it out.... Friday night begins the "Christmas in Lights at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds." The Fairgrounds will be sparkling with more than a million lights in a drive thru show. Admission is 12 dollars per carload with a portion going to the KTTS Christmas Crusades! Festival of Lights Kicks off at Jordan Valley park- a progressive lighting ceremony begins at 5:30 with the Lighting of the Christmas tree then fireworks at Hammons Field Free Ice Skating at the Ice Park- Skate rental fees apply. The Fifth annual Ozarks Craft Festival at the Ozark Junior High begins 9am Saturday until 4pm. Don't miss the Ozark Christmas Parade. The theme this year is the "12 Days of Christmas!" The Parade begins Saturday NIGHT at 6pm and runs to the square. Don't forget your lawn chair and a warm blanket to snuggle in as you watch the parade pass-by. It's Winter Tree ID at the Springfield Nature Center starts at 9am Saturday. It's FREE and its for kids ages 12 and up. Sunday enjoy the Missouri State Symphony and Choirs 5th annual Holiday Concert it starts at 4pm at Hammons Hall and its FREE

  • See how Shania makes her way to Caesar's Palace!

    Country music Superstar- Shania Twain for the next two years, will be playing in Vegas! Check out this video on how she, and 40 horses, made their way to Caesars Palace! Now that is an entrance!!!

  • The "Black Thursday" list gets longer!

    I like to shop like the next girl. Some days more than others, but still a good bargain is what we are ALL after.

  • Christmas Music is just around the corner......

    Are you ready for all the Christmas music? I am! New Christmas albums by Scotty, Blake, and Lady A are now available at area stores.

  • What NOT to buy for your girl or guy!

    We are coming up on the Holiday season in a fast way- its only 10 days until Thanksgiving and 44 days until Christmas. Are you holiday shopping yet? Hey guys and gals, I have a list of the most hated items NOT to buy for your significant other.

  • Check your Chocolate Milk!!!!

  • The REAL Election.... In or out?

    Well, the ballots have been submitted, the votes have been counted and the elections are over.... NOW for the real news.... Do YOU or do YOU NOT wear UGGS?! I guess the big fashion news is whether the soft suede boots are IN or OUT? I personally have a pair of knock off UGGS that I only wear when its snowy, I am not a fan of these boots but, because my husband bought them for me, I do wear them.

  • Baby Dragon Slayer! Why can't I be this creative?

    You know every once in a while you come across a cool video. Something that just makes you think, or laugh out loud.

  • Is it too early for Christmas lights?

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