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  • I love love love practical jokes.... check out this video!

    I am a prankster- I could so see myself doing this to people when I was in college!

  • Josh Turners New Video about Family!

    Have you seen Josh turner's new video "Find me a Baby? " This was a nationwide effort to get families stories on tape.

  • Weekend ideas!

    Have a safe and fun weekend- got cabin fever? Here are some ideas to help you through the weekend! -Summer

  • I have Cabin Fever, do you?

    Every once and a while you just want to say "Calgon take me away!" We all know what that means. It means - I have had enough and I need a break. It means I am overwhelmed, so a nice hot bath may soothe my nerves and calm me down.

  • Don't miss this video on a Dolphin!!!!!!

    This is one of the neatest videos I have ever seen. Its about a Dolphin asking for help after being entangled in a fishing line.... Watch and be amazed! - Summer

  • Let Daddy fix your hair.....(Video)

    Sometimes it just amazes me on what some Daddy's can do when they put their mind to it. In this video you will see how a Dad fixes his Daughters hair for school and it looks good all while using a vacuum. Notice the rubber band or hair elastic at the end of the vacuum hose. I bet we will see these being sold on late night tv soon! Summa

  • A once in a lifetime shot! (Video)

    Great video- I love this kid who tosses the ball over his head just before the buzzer! You will laugh out loud like like I did!

  • Brad Paisley's Honey Boo Boo Song...

    If you missed Jimmy Kimmel with Brad Paisley on Wednesday- here is a quick recap of Brad's song that he made up for the Honey Boo Boo show. Love it!- Summer

  • What to do this weekend?

    Cabin fever? With nasty weather looming its always nice to plan the weekend with the kids, so they have something fun to look forward to. How about.....

  • Words NOT to use on your resume!

    It's a new year- and you may want a new job. Is your resume computer ready?

  • Dog Driving Video

    This video has GUYS written all over it! Can't you just imagine a cop pulling a car over and a dog is driving because his owner has had too much to drink? This might just work.... until....... the dog saw a squirrel or a cat.... then that car is up a tree faster than you can say STOP!!!!.

  • Video- Dance like NO ONE is looking...... hilarious!

    Did you ever want to just dance????? Even if it was at an airport? My wish for you for 2013 is to dance like no one is looking- check it out.... Wouldn't it be fun? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Restaurants open in Springfield on Christmas Day

  • Faith Hill in Where are you Christmas Video

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am dedicating this blog post to the families, victims and survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. I hope and pray that in time that they can rediscover the Christmas spirit in their hearts and family. My thoughts and prayers go to them this holiday season.

  • Weekend Update for Dec. 21-23


  • Carrie Underwood is an angel on earth!

    Just another reason to love Carrie Underwood! She has recently been quite sick while on the concert tour. Since she didn't feel she was 100 percent vocally, she decided to give 100 percent of her concert proceeds back to the community of Des Moines, Iowa. NOW THAT is what being a COUNTRY STAR is all about! Listen to how horse she is.

  • The Husband Song.

    A light-hearted video on what husbands really think and what we know. ;) Summer

  • Mistletoe Video- would you kiss?

  • How KTTS has impacted my life!

    I can't believe that KTTS is 40 years old! Though I wasn't around the Springfield Metro when KTTS first kicked off- I do remember where I was when I first heard it. It was in the 70's at Connie Hornbuckle's house. Connie's' Mom was singing along to some country song- it was probably Porter Wagner, The Statlers or even Dolly Parton. As a young kid, in all honesty, I wasn't that impressed, except that I noticed there wasn't a lot of static like AM stations. KTTS was an FM station- everything sounded clearer and sharp not muddy.

  • If you missed Blake Sheltons' special....

    Great news!!!! If you missed Blake Sheltons" Not So Family Christmas "on Dec. 3- you can see it again! NBC will be re-running the show on Dec. 14 or take a look down below!

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