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  • Smartest Dog in the World. (Video)

    I used to think my dog "Macy" a Westie, was the smartest dog in the world. She can dance on your hind legs, beg, and knows whats in the fridge. But I guess I was wrong! Check out this video of the "Smartest Dog" in the world! It's UNBELIEVABLE- Enjoy your day and stay cool- Summa

  • Food on Facebook-love it or leave it?????

    Don't you just love Facebook? OK...let's be real, don't you like it sometimes? I have been addicted to FB for several years. I love to find out my friends, their jobs, their kids and where they might take a vacation.

  • Don't Dance with a Boat Prop!

    I won't be dancing on land for a while-mainly because I had a dance with a boat prop on Saturday.

  • Weekend Update for July 12-14

    Plan your fun around some of these activities.... Have a great weekend- Summa

  • Send Randy Travis a Get Well Card he is in critical condition!

    Earlier this week we learned that Randy Travis was making progress after he underwent a procedure to implant a device to support blood flow to his heart. Things have changed once again for the Country singer.

  • I laugh every time I see this.... (Video)

    This just cracks me up. Need a good laugh this morning? You'll love the way this video is put together.- Enjoy- Summa

  • Stupid Human tricks....

    You know Letterman's Stupid Pet tricks? I really wish there was a TV show with weird human tricks. No telling what we would see! Maybe we would see this guy who can Hula Hoop a tractor tire. I wonder how much that weighs?? Do you have a weird human trick? I can actually whistle like a Whipper Will.- Summa

  • I don't know if these are true but.....

    You know every once in a while I have to try something I saw on Pintrest. Maybe it looks yummy, or a great idea or even a tip like these two I am about to share with you.

  • Fourth of July Fun in the Ozarks.....

    So much to do on the Fourth of July. Here is a quick, rundown on what may appeal to you and your family.

  • Elizabeth the 16 month old swimming baby!

    Every once in a while you come across a video that you just have to share. I saw this on the national news last night and I was floored!

  • A HUGE Spider Attacks a Weather Girl!

    I SOOOO can't stand spiders. As a kid I would slap them with the palm of my hand. Of course when I was younger I was fearless. Since I have grown up - I have turned into a wimp on so many things and on so many levels.

  • Weekend Update for June 21-23

    A list of fun activities for you and the kids. Summertime officially started this morning at 12:05. From here on in, the days get shorter. :( Enjoy the weather this weekend- it really will feel like SUMMER! Have a great weekend- Summa

  • The NEW Anchorman Video Trailer!

    I can't wait!!! The new Anchorman trailer is out- looks so funny!!!! Will Ferrell is hilarious!

  • The Perfect MONDAY video!!

    We need a laugh - let's start the work week off by smiling- This video of animals is PRICELESS!

  • Weekend Update for June14-16

    Here is a list of some fun stuff for the kids and YOU this weekend.

  • Zac Brown's "Jump Right In" Video

    Here ya go- a fun look at a "Human Catapult." Zac Brown actually came up with this idea even before he became famous. He used to tell people after each set her performed in restaurants, come back because next week we'll have a human catapult! Enjoy the video- Summer

  • Swimsuit Shopping!

    I went to the Mall recently and tried on swim suits. Do you know how degrading that is to a woman? Its AWFUL!!!! Why does you body change so drastically in just a mere 12 months????? Bulges and bumps, lumps and wrinkles- most of those are on my legs!!! Gross...

  • Carrie Underwood's "See You Again" Video

    Gotcha covered when it comes to keeping you in the loop on what is hot in Country music. Did you see Carrie sing "See You Again" at last weeks CMT awards show? If you missed it - check out her video which pays tribute to recent American tragedies...

  • Simon Cowell gets egg on his face.....

    Ok, at times all of us wish we could throw an egg at someone because of their nastiness. But we never go through with it- its just not right. Apparently it was "right" for a girl in the UK- Simon Cowell was the recipient of an egg attack while recently filming the TV show "Britain's Got Talent"

  • Brad Paisley with a 6 Year Old Drummer!

    Brad Paisley has been known to bring people on stage and have them "jam" with him. Well in this case Brad, met early a 6 year old drummer while he was performing on ABC's Good Morning America.

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