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  • Justin Moore my new FAVORITE!!

    Great weekend in Lakeview, Arkansas, with Justin Moore! The man stands 5 foot 6 in his bare feet and I ALMOST weigh more than him! He is a mere 140 pounds.

  • If a Man decorated YOUR house.....(pictures)

    A friend sent me some pictures on what HER husband wants to do if he could decorate. Whatcha think? It's so manly- Hilarious- Have a great weekend!!! Summa

  • Justin Moore will be teaching me to fish!

    It' is a JUSTIN MOORE weekend!!!

  • LOTS of Fun Festivals!

    I love this time of year! So many fun events for the family and the festivals are incredible. My mouth is already watering just thinking of the foods and smells of delishness wafting through the air.


    Isn't this a PERFECT idea for a Halloween party for the kids???? Love it!!! Steal this idea- Summa

  • Monday Laugh!!!!

    What a GREAT weekend! Cardinals swept the Pirates, The Cowboys won, KC Chiefs kicked some booty and I found a cute picture for a Monday laugh!!! Have a Wonderful, work week!- Summa

  • Friday Fun Video with a Cat!

    Have a GREAT weekend! You'll get a quick laugh from this video.- Summa

  • Weekend Update for Sept.6-8

    A quick look at some fun family activities for this weekend- Enjoy!- Summa

  • New Samsung Smartwatch!

    I am barely keeping up with my phone and now a smartwatch? Samsung's Smartwatch "Galaxy Gear" hits store shelves today. It looks like a high tech piece, just for your arm. Right now its pretty masculine looking but I can definitely see it being blinged up for the gals.

  • Weekend Update for Labor Day weekend!

    Check out the fun stuff to do with the family. Be safe on this three day holiday- Summer


    Lady A getting some help from their "celebrity" friends to announce their upcoming tour!! I think Charles has a little time on his hands since Hillary is on maternity leave. Have a GREAT day! - Summa

  • Learn to Twerk Dance Moves (VIdeo)

    Dancing - do you dance or are you a "bouncer" dancer like me? I just bounce from side to side when I dance. Do you want to move like Jagger - move like Jagger- I want to moooovvvooooevee like Jagger. Let's face it- Mick doesn't have any rhythm when it comes to dancing and I think I can now add Miley Cyrus to that list as well.

  • It' May be Monday but its NOT Winter! (VIDEO)

    This will cool you down! This is one of those..... oh no.......- Welcome to the work week- Summer


    Schools in session, kids are busy and you want to know what to do this weekend. Here is a quick snippet of outdoor fun for the entire family. Have a fabulous weekend!

  • Magic Beard VIDEO

    I am always amazed by magic. I am one of those people who will watch the magic performance at Silver Dollar City. If a magic show is on TV- yep I am there.

  • Luke Bryan dancing to "Don't Drop that Thun Thun" (VIDEO)

    Yep, we KNOW that Luke Bryan is HOT! But I guess I just didn't know how HOT he was until I saw him dance to Finatticz clip of "Don't Drop that Thun Thun". WOW...... you may need a cold shower after you watch this. Ha- Summer

  • Check yourself for Ticks!

    With a mild winter and a mild summer- ticks are taking advantage of the weather! The creepy crawly little fella's are out to suck your blood and possibly give you a nasty disease as well.

  • The Perfect Cocktail!

    I am not a big cocktail drinker, oh you know, a glass of wine now and then but usually that is all. However, after seeing this picture of a Bloody Mary, I may soon become a BIG drinker. Not just for the alcohol but for the GARNISH!!!! If a server brought me this drink- I think I would start crying with happiness!

  • Weekend Update for Aug.16-18!!

    Here is your list of fun stuff to do.... Enjoy the weekend- SUMMA

  • New $100 dollar bills!

    Throwing away money???? Yep this time the government is behind it! It seems the new 100 dollar bills have an "ink" issue. About 3 billion dollars of bills have been mashed or smeared from the printer and are unuseable. The bill was originally to be released in 2011 but may be soon further delayed because of the latest "mush" issue.

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