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  • REALLY? Alphabet Burger?

    This is a crazy burger that is trending right now. It's called the Alphabet Burger and for each letter one food starting with that letter is used. The burger starts with Avocado and ends with Zucchini.

  • Feel the love..... and pass it on.

    I saw this video and it makes me want to change what I can, to improve the world. HAPPY TUESDAY! {{Hugs}} Summa

  • Pineapple Whip is BACK!!!!

    Warm weather is here to stay, I know this because..... I have seen the first Hula Girl! You know who I am talking about- the girl ontop of the Pineapple Whip mobile. The 2014 season is now undeway! At least on Friday and Saturday nights at 1309 S. Glenstone. Every year- we wait for the Hula girl to start swinging that grass skirt letting us know whips can be bought!

  • Weekend Update for April4-6

    List of stuff for you and the kids to enjoy. Print off and have it handy! Have a Great weekend-{{Hugs}} Summa

  • What a great idea for peeling apples!

    I don't make a lot of pies. Ok, I don't make any. Sometimes however I need to peel an apple, and I just found out the best way to do that. Use a Power Drill!

  • Teamwork Mennonite and Amish Style!

    Just east of Springfield you will find communities of Mennonites and Amish. These two groups who live around Seymour, live more simply than we do. While the Mennonites have some modern conveniences, the Amish stay true to their roots and use only the power from animals and men.

  • The Nicest April Fools Day Prank!

    This isn't your normal April Fools Day prank. This is a prank to actually award an incredible waitress, an incredible person who has always gone beyond what is expected of her.

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