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Three year old girl asked to leave restaurant!

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Why can't we just be kind and caring- ESPECIALLY to children???   This story literally makes me sick since I have a 3 year old niece that is just the apple of my eye.  Here is the story:

  A darling  3 year old  along with her grandmother were asked to leave a KFC in Jackson, Mississippi not because of bad behavior but because of  the way she looks.  The little girl was viciously attacked by a dog. She has trouble swallowing, parts of her face are paralyzed and she has some scaring. The child will be going thru numerous surgeries, and is extremely conscious of the way she looks.

 The manager of the KFC asked them to leave because she was scaring the costumers because of her face, the little girl burst in to tears. She knew exactly what the manager was saying. This just tears me apart.

What would you do?


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