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LEAH TURNER- "A Star is Born"

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Last night was the KTTS Listener Appreciation Show it was...... INCREDIBLE!   Once in a blue moon, you see a new up-in-coming artist and see that "star" quality! That is exactly what shines through in Leah Turner. 

Leah's on stage presents grabs you and holds you until each song is finished.  Her "sound" is that of a bluesy, gravely, smooth as honey voice that "feels" each song she sings.

Leah is sweet, nice, incredibly intelligent  and a fabulous author of words  that  pull your heart strings as she gives us a slice of her life in each song.

Leah Turner is a STAR! Even in the way she dresses- check out these boots!  Several people came up to me last night asking who were the designer? Where can they get a pair!

Ladies- the  good news is- the Designer  is JEFFERY CAMPBELL.  The bad news is -he doesn't make them any more!  However, if you are lucky enough on eBay to find a pair, her particular boot is known as  the "Giddy-up".  Expect to pay a high price! 

If you missed the concert last night, no worries I have pictures!  The first picture is that of my husband and me with Leah, the second, those much sought after boots.

Have a fabulous Wednesday {{Hugs}} Summer

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