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My Miracle League Buddy!

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I love Monday nights!  Its a chance for my husband Mark and I to take to the baseball field and be a "buddy' to a very special child. It's Miracle League!!!!

 My "buddy" for the last couple of games is my favorite... Miss M!  Miss M is a lively, smart, inquesitive little girl who is a joy to be around.

 She likes to copy my baseball 'stance"- you know, hands on the knees ready to catch a ball that is headed  our way.   When  the "stance" has warn out it's welcome, then its time to sit down by second base and look for airplanes or even cheer on the opposing team as they round the bases.....

  Miracle league is not only a lot of fun but its a chance to bond with some  wonderful children. 

It's amazing what the  kids remember.  Jacob for example loves the cooking channel- in particular  Sandra Lee. Even though he is pre-teen he is asking me about "Vodka" and what is a "Mock Cocktail."  He pelts me with questions on whether I let my kids drink Vodka and do I drink Vodka.  I tell Jacob that Vodka is made from potaotes and its an alcohol for big people.  I try to change the subject but he brings it back to Vodka.  He is facinated I think, by the word, rather than what it actually is. I can't wait until next week to find out what the "word" for the night will be.

  The Miracle League is an unbelievable night of laughter, smiles, high fives, and fist bumps. I may be someone's "buddy" one night a week, but they will be my hero for the rest of my life...

{{Hugs}}  Summa

PS- This is my Buddy Miss M.  I have permission from her Mama to use this picture of us having fun together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Waiting for the ball to come our way so we can throw it to the pitcher.  GO MISS M!!

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