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REALLY? Alphabet Burger?

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This is a crazy burger that is trending right now. It's called the Alphabet Burger and for each letter one food starting with that letter is used.  The burger starts with Avocado and ends with Zucchini.  

This monster Burger made from Dude's Food' is ridiculous to say the least.  It's height is  over 16 inches  and you would have to eat it in sections since there is no way you could possible take a bite and taste all 26 ingredients.

Here is each ingredient on this massive burger.

A=Avocado    B=Bacon  C=cheese  D=Doritos E=Egg  F=Fish sticks  G=Garlic Bread  H=Ham  I=Italian Sausage Patty  J=Jalapeno  K=Krispy Kreme Doughnut  L=Lettuce   M-Mac and Cheese  N=Noodles  O=Onion Rings  P=Pepperoni  Q= Quest blanco dip  R=Ramen noodles  S=Spinach  T=Turkey Burger  U=Usingers bratwurst  V=Veal Parmesan W=Waffle  X=Xylocarp (coconut) Y=Yams and Z=Zucchini

My questions? Can you get fries with this?    {{Hugs}}   Summa



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