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I have some MacGyver tips for you!

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 Every once in a while I hear a good idea and just have to pass it one. Here are 5 little "MacGyver" tips you can use at home to help you around the house...

{{hugs}} Summa

 1. Use a squeeze bottle to make pancakes. You can use an old ketchup bottle or a genetic water bottle with a squeeze top. It makes perfect-circle pancakes every time.

2. Seal plastic bags with old bottle caps.  Cut off the top of a plastic soda bottle, push it down over the top of an open plastic bag, fold the bag over the bottle top then screw the bottle cap on for an airtight seals.

3.Take a stripped out screw head with a rubber band. Don't drill out the stripped screw it's easier if you lay a rubber band across the head and screw it out normally with a screw driver. The rubber band grips the screw and comes out like it was new.

4.Organize cables with toilet paper tubes. most people put USB cables in a shoe box or drawer and just let them get tangled instead, fill the box with empty toilet paper tubes standing upright - use one for each cable.

5.Use soda can tabs to increase closet space. Soda can tabs have two holes that are the perfect size for sliding a hanger thru- put the tab on one hanger, then hang a SECOND hanger from the tab. This way you can get two rows of clothes on one bar!



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