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It's not too early to plant potatoes!

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Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and I remember my husbands grandfather Pop, used to tell me to plant potatoes on that date, but NEVER earlier.  Pop used to say  the heaviest of winter would be over by then and that the plants would be able to survive in the frozen earth until things slowly warmed up.

So every year I try to plant potatoes on or just after after March 17. This year not only am I going to plant potatoes but garlic. We had planted  some garlic a while back and I remember the tall shoots with a full flower bud when it was ready to harvest.  After we dug up the garlic it just smelled so good while it dried out in our cool garage.

 I have planted some fun stuff thru the years lots of herbs such as, chives, Marjoram, and Italian Oregano.

This year, I am also adding tomotoes, cantelope, strawberry's and zuccini.

  Wow- I didn't realize how much I miss messing in the garden until I am writing about it.

Now if Mother Nature would just warm things up I can play in the dirt!!

{{Hugs}} Summa

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