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KTTS St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Radiothon!

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And ....... We are off !!!!   The KTTS St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Radio-thon is now underway thru Friday March 14. 

    Let me tell you my story. Though I haven't directly been effected by a family member having childhood cancer, I have had friends whom have suffered from cancer.

  My friend is Katie. Katie was in my class back in 3rd grade in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Grimes Elementary.  I sat next to her in Mrs. Limlely's class. She was bubbly, smart as a tack, and she talked to me non stop. Non stop until we found out she had cancer. I don't remember what kind of cancer it was all I remember is that when she did come back to school her hair was very very short and she had a scar on her head. 

I asked her what happened and she said  "it was cancer but I am better now."  Through the rest of 3 rd grade Katie and I remained  gossipy girls until Mrs. Limlely moved us for talking too much.

  Katie was a sweet sweet girl. She was someone's daughter, grand daughter, sister, niece and she was my friend. At the age of 9 she was the bravest person I have ever known. I said  "WAS" my friend, because Katie died, a little over a year after being diagnosed.  Katie is and will always be my hero.

I know you have some hero's too. Could you pledge on their behalf $20 dollars a month to become a "Partner in Hope"?  Just put it on your credit card.   Its a great way to honor those you love and have loved.

Please call now                   1-800 330-97-27

I am a Partner in Hope because of Katie. 

Together we can stop childhood cancer.

Thank you, {{hugs}} Summer

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