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Who knew Banana's were so.... useful?

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Next time you pick up a banana remember it's not just for eating any more!

There are a BUNCH (pun intended)  of banana idea's to help you in and around the house? What are they you ask? Well, sit back and read...

1. Did you know Banana's are good for conditioning hair? PLUS its cheap- just add a little banana, olive oil,  plastic wrap and some time.

2.The inside of your banana peel can actually shine shoes!

3. The potassium in your Banana will actually help your roses grow if you plant a banana or break up the peel and stuff in and around the dirt.

4.Cracked heels? Before you go to bed at night- place part of a banana peel on your heel put on socks, and sleep away. When you wake up the nutrients from the banana will actually soak into your heel ,and heal it!

5. My favorite-Take two banana's some ice cream, whipped cream and hot fudge. Viola- A Banana split.

Have a great day {{hugs}}- Summa


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