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The winner? Little Debbie Donuts!!

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Ok, not too long ago I posted and blogged  that I was so disappointed in Hostess for the inconsistency in their "Donettes". I had always been a "Donette" fan.  I was thrilled when the company came back in July.... BUT.... the donuts just weren't the same. Mainly the shape- since the company has been back, I have noticed big mini donuts, long mini donuts, and flat mini donuts. Something just isn't right.

Little Debbie to the rescue!! Dean Self a rep for McKee Foods read my blog and stepped in and brought me a box or should I say CARTON of Little Debbie Mini Frosted Donuts.

  In all honesty I had NEVER tried the Little Debbie Mini Frosted Donuts, however I was a huge fan of the chocolate cakes. I must say.....I believe I have been converted from Donettes to Donuts!

My favorite flavor is CHOCOLATE. It's yummy goodness with the RIGHT shape-

Thanks Dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


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