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What happened to Hostess Donettes?

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I was so excited when "Hostess" snack foods came back to the states. I so missed my Chocolate covered Hostess Donettes. When they first were on the shelves in July- I bought the sweet goodness and, yep they looked and tasted the same as I remembered.  Delish!!

Since then I have noticed changes to the donut. The sizes in particular, and I am disappointed. I used to love the dinky thick donut. You could almost put the whole thing in your mouth, and sometimes I did when no one was looking. It was a beautiful thing.

Last week, I grabbed a bag from Walmart and this is what I saw inside the bag.


WHAT is going on? Why mess with a good thing? I actually  called the company and complained. Hostess informed me that they weren't trying to change things, that it was a production error.  

I hope it was only a production error, I like my donettes small and chubby and taste great. Hostess I have my eye on you!



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