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Ski's for Running Shoes.....

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As you may or may not know- I have started running. I started on Thanksgiving Day and participated in the annual Turkey Trot! I was hooked. Do you know what kind of  "natural" high you get from running? It's fabulous not to mention the added benefits of being more toned and weight lose.

Ok, I know what you are saying.. 'Where are you going with this Summer?"  Well because I have started running I had to get the right running shoes.  I needed shoes that are easy on my bunions, give my toes plenty of room, help my arch and help relieve the stress on my shins. So I went to a Running Shoe store. I came out with much knowledge.

Did you know you have to have shoes bigger than your size, because the longer you run the more your feet swell?  I had no clue, so when the woman brought me a size 7.5 shoe and I only wear a 6, I was scratching my head.  She told me the shoes for running are a different kind of animal. This particular brand of "Newton" shoes do run a little smaller  than the average size so we went up a size and a half.  

It is amazing to me how wonderful these running shoes feel on my foot, the only drawback- they look like ski's. I also started tripping over my feet until my feet swell. Ha I told my boss the other day as I was sprawled on the floor, after falling, that I was 'falling" for him. Ha... I know lame right?

What do you think about these ski's, don't they look huge?   {{hugs}} Summa


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