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Mega Millions another Christmas headache?

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Christmas is coming Christmas is coming!!!  Ok we all know that right?  I saw my first Christmas commercial the day after Halloween.  But guess what????  I am still not ready. 

Oh sure, I should be ready after watching about 150 Christmas movies on the Lifetime and Hallmark Channels. Not to mention hearing all the Christmas songs, seeing all the lights and decorating my home, BUT.... I still don't quite FEEL like Christmas yet.

I think one of the reasons is  that I am just too busy.  Buying the gifts, doing work around the house, my job, trying to help, give and donate to others, (that is what you do at Christmas time)  and trying to pay BILLS.

Maybe that is the real reason I don't feel like Christmas. Its the yucky bills I have left to pay this month. I can only hope I get a piece of the Mega Million jackpot on Friday. It's up to 600 million dollars.

Rumor has it- that on Christmas Eve if we don't have a Mega Million dollar  winner Friday it will be a BILLION dollars. To me that would be another headache to deal with around Christmas time, how to spend it and who to give it to.

Merry Christmas and I hope you are in the Christmas Spirit!

{{hugs}} Summa

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