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I crave........

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SUNSHINE!!   I haven't seen the sun it seems like in weeks. I need to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, my face and my arms.  I need some vitamin D!!!!  I would even take a sunburn today!

Normally,  I try to be positive on about everything, but because of this l-o-n-g cold spell, add to it the snow and ice, I am just about to SNAP.  I am sure my attitude is also due from the stress of the holidays. You know how you feel when  no matter how many tasks you have completed 10 more are added to the list?  That is me right now, I still have baking, holiday cards to send, and  of course a mountain of Christmas presents to buy for family, friends and co workers. I don't think I have ever waited this long to shop before. I feel so behind. I feel like something is missing.

So dear God, if you could possibly see fit to send down some Sunshine, I know my attitude would be better and my co workers would be thrilled.

Yep- some crave food, I crave sunshine, I guess that's why I was named Summer.

May all your days be filled with sunny skies....

Have a great day {{hugs}}- Summa



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