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Winter's Wrath is coming...... be nice!

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Winters coming!!!!  Sound the alarms, take all the bread off the store shelves,  grab all the batteries, water and gasoline and oh yeah, don't forget to be rude!  

Have you noticed how  many people are just mean or angry during this holiday season???? I hate that.

Add the holiday's AND a winter storm on the way and you have a lethal combination of..... NASTINESS!!! 

What ever happened to thinking of others instead of thinking only of yourself? 

Wanna get out of the nasty-rut??? Here are some quick tips:

1. Don't take every loaf of bread on the store shelves!  You'll never be able to eat it all anyway unless you freeze it. 

2. Say something nice to everyone you meet. IT really does make YOU feel good even if the recipient is nasty. 

3. Help those who are in trouble, whether they are stuck, stranded or trapped on the roadway tomorrow.

    It IS important to be prepared, it's also important to be kind.

  Maybe this little winter storm  is exactly what we need. Maybe its Mother Natures way of putting us all in "timeout" in our own home for a couple of days until we can be nice again.

When the snow flies, I hope kindness comes out of your mouth and your actions show others how much you care.

I will start myself with the woman in the mirror.

Drive Carefully and be kind- {{Hugs}}


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