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KTTS Christmas Crusade for Kids is underway!

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I love this time of year!!!!  Love Love Love it!   I still think of when I was young and the happiness in knowing that Santa would make a stop at my house.  Remember?

Unfortunately, there are a LOT of kids in the Springfield area, that this childhood memory will never take place.   There will not be presents or gifts under the tree. Not because the kids have not been good, but because Mom's and Dads cannot afford those luxuries. 

Here is your chance to be a hero, or Santa!  

 The KTTS Christmas Crusade kicks in for the next several days. Here is YOUR chance to adopt a child and spoil them with gifts and presents.  You can make a difference in a child's life!

  Times are tough for several families in the Springfield area. Many families  have only enough money for the rent, food and the light bill instead of some necessities like coats and shoes or even toys for their children.

Being Santa means giving from your heart, a warm coat, shoes, socks, toys, Not only are your giving gifts, you are giving hope to a family who thought they were forgotten. You are giving them a chance to believe in a future and in mankind.  You can be that hero, trust me, you are getting in your heart way more than you are giving from your wallet. Wont you adopt a child today?


May God Bless you and your family.


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