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Justin Moore falls down in concert....(VIDEO)

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   Last Friday night was one of the best concerts I have ever seen!  Justin Moores' "Off the Beaten Path" with Randy Houser and Josh Thompson was freakin' awesome!  The guys had a packed house at the Shrine Mosque and the music was rockin'! 

   If you went to the concert  then you got a little added benefit- you actually saw a country star fall not once but twice.

    It wasn't a bad fall, but it was scary for Justin I am sure.   Think about this..... A new kick off tour, its dark, a light is shining in your eyes, and you are singing and walking. I can barely chew gum and talk or walk at the same time!

  Justin Moore made the best of a scary situation. He is a great entertainer and country artist!  Check out how he recovers himself in this video...  The fall is about 3.34 into the video!

Check out all the photos from the show by clicking HERE.


Love ya Justin!!! - Summa


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