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Great Tips to Save Your Clothes and Stuff!!!

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Here is a cool fact about women, if we find some awesome tips, we just gotta pass them on.   Some of these "tips" are old some maybe new to you. Either way- "save" and print and put them in your recipe book for later.   I have tried several and they work for the most part!!!  -Summa

1. Lipstick on your collar?- hairspray works wonders...

2. If you get a "oil stain" on your purse- sprinkle with baby powder. The powder will soak up the grease and oil. It's  similar to kitty litter to a oil stain on your garage floor.

3.If you get liquid make up on a shirt or jacket- just use shaving cream and a clean wash cloth to remove it.

4.White Deodorant marks on a shirt or sweater? Use the foam on your dry cleaning hanger and simply rub out the marks.

5. Watermarks on your leather boots? Add some vinegar to some cool water and scrub with a soft bristle brush like an old toothbrush until you can't see them. Let dry overnight and Voila1 They are gone!!

Gotta tip? Email me - Summer@ktts.coom

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