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Cat Eyes Making a Come back....UGH!

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OMG!!!  The latest make up trend is HORRENDOUS!!  Can you believe its "CAT EYES" ?   I was lucky enough not to have been  old enough to wear make up in the 70's when this look first came out but now that I am old enough, you won't be seeing  this look on me. 

Look at this pretty girl- WHY would you do that to your eyes????

Maybe the "Cat Eyes" look should also include black whiskers and pointy ears too!

Here is what I would like to see in make up trends. How about ways to shorten your nose or a make up trick so your ears don't look like they stick out or a way to get rid of one of those extra chins?  Hmmmmm... how do you shorten, elongate, hide and even disguise these features without surgery?????   Please work on that!

Cat eyes? Be glad its not snake eyes........


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