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I met Kieth Urban before........

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Kieth Urban performs at the Q this Sunday and to be honest I am pretty pumped to see him again. Yes I said "again". You see I met Kieth back in 2000 when he was signing autographs at  Walmart on North Kansas Expressway. I had a quick interview with him, chatted him up, and then saw him again at Midnight Rodeo where he performed on stage.  Time hasn't aged him, it sure has aged me! I am so glad I no longer have that hair style any longer! 

Just look at him.... such a baby. Look at the walls- he has his album attached  to them.  What incredible memories of that time,  if only in MY mind.  

This is just but another reason that you should attend the KTTS "Catch a Rising Star" concerts. It gives you and me a chance to meet the big stars before they really become "BIG" like Kieth Urban.



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