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Insomnia- why can't I sleep?

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 Don't you just love the feeling of being so tired that you just know  once your head hits the pillow you will be out like a light? So do I,  EXCEPT when I can't sleep because my brain wont turn off. 

My brain will think of everything from bad case scenarios to certain problems, to  something so small as what  I need to get rid of in the fridge. It seems I am not in the minority- lots of my friends have the same problems. When I talk this over with my friends out comes the sleep tips.  Here is a bunch that I have tried and don't seem to work with me.

Warm Milk,,,,,,Turkey,...... Chamomile tea, and eating cereal.  (Most of these I can't do because of acid reflex)-

I hate taking over the counter sleep aids but that is what I have been doing just to turn off my brain.

Any better ideas?? I would love to hear them!- Summa



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