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How many people can you feed?

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Coming up on Thursday we are asking all the KTTS warriors to join together so we can help our neighbors here in Springfield. 

How do you ask? It's easy- buy a meal for some very deserving families and friends who need a hand up. Families who have lost jobs due to cutbacks, layoffs and those who have been forced out of their homes with no other place to go other than their car or a tent.

Right now, today, the Victory Mission feeds over 500 meals a day!  That is a whole lot of people who need ONE meal. Tomorrow, Thursday, October 10 is your chance to help provide some meals for those hungry in our community during the Thanksgiving holiday.  For a mere 2.30 cents you can feed one person. For 50 bucks its 22 people. You can even make this easy by placing your donation on your credit card.

Won't you help some very hungry friends in our neighborhoods? Please say we can count on you!



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