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Justin Moore my new FAVORITE!!

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 Great weekend in Lakeview, Arkansas, with Justin Moore!  The man stands 5 foot 6 in his bare feet and I ALMOST weigh more than him!  He is a mere 140 pounds. 

How would I describe this huge country celebrity?  Well, the first thing that caught my eye were HIS eyes. Piercing baby blues that look deep into your soul when you speak to him.   He listens, I mean really listens to what you have to say, as if it really matters to him.   The second thing I figured out about Justin, is that he honestly, cares about people. All people, the way he treated his fans was like no other country celebrity that I have seen. He was humble, thankful, and showed his gratitude to those who approached him for an autograph, a picture or a shake of his hand.

Justin's CD "Off the Beaten Path" is released tomorrow and depending where you buy your CD- you'll see either 11 cuts, or 16. I highly suggest you get the 16 cut deluxe version. EVERY song on this CD is awesome. My favorite is "I'd want it to be yours".  You will never hear this song on the radio because of some of the language- but it is FABULOUS!!!!   It rules!

 Justin Moore is not just a country singer, after spending the weekend with him and his family, I learned what a wonderful Daddy he is to his young daughters. Or how attentive and playful he is towards his wife of 6 years. Justin Moore is a KIND person.  I watched this first hand, as  he talked to fans and hotel staff, I saw him take his time to not hurry anyone, and he was so appreciative of those who work behind the scenes.  Justin  gave us a glimpse of the real man not just a country star persona. 

My take from the weekend:  Justin Moore is a caring, family oriented man who sings about family, the working man, grandparents and rowdy bars. He is country with a Capital C and he is now my favorite country singer. 

"Off the Beaten Path" will hopefully beat a path to your soul like it did mine-



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