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Check yourself for Ticks!

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With a mild winter and a mild summer- ticks are taking advantage of the weather!  The creepy crawly little fella's are out to suck your blood and possibly give you a nasty disease as well. 

Lime Disease is starting to show up at hospitals across the U.S. Some of the warning signs of Lime Disease is achy, and flu like symptoms. Just because you have been bitten by a tick doesn't mean you have Lime Disease. Only go to the doctor if you have those flu-like symptoms. Antibiotics are the only way to get  released from Lime Disease.

Ways to avoid ticks. Keep the yard cut short, stay out of the wooded areas. Wear pants and socks if you must go thru the woods and check yourself after being in the woods or heavily dense area's.

If you find you have a tick- gently pull it with a pair of tweezers. Make sure the head also comes out with the body. Wash with antibacterial soap and dab a little antibiotic cream on the area.

Good luck!  - Summer


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