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Farmers Market's RULE!!

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I went to the new Farmers Market at Glenstone and Republic road on Saturday. I must say I loved it!  Local farms, fresh produce and some homemade bread!  INCREDIBLE!

The new Market is under a roof and can actually be open all year round. It has roll down sides and even heaters so its perfect in cooler weather.  Great Idea!!!  You may not be able to buy specialty home grown tomatoes in the winter, you sure can buy beef, breads, pies, and hot house items and produce.

On Saturday- I actually bought some homemade salad dressing. Its Basal Italian and its un"freakin"believable!  Perfect with field greens and onions!

I also was able to "taste test" okra.It wasn't as slimy as I thought it would be.   I was also able to try something called Red shelled shrimp. It tasted like lobster, and  was really yummy!

You can visit the new Farmers market on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturdays. The Market begins  selling at 8 am, but you can browse much earlier. 

I must say it's so nice to make friends with the people you buy your products from. It's pretty wonderful too to find out how it was grown. Organic or pesticide free or chemicals. All the farmers were very open on how they grown food. I loved that!  

Look for me today after I get off the air- I need some home grown tomatoes! They taste wonderful with bacon!!


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