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Have you had Gall Bladder surgery?

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 My son is getting ready for Gall Bladder surgery and I must say as a Mama, I am a little nervous for him.  Grant has been having these attacks now since December and we have had all kinds of tests from Colonoscopy to Ultra Sounds and now just recently a HydaScan. Finally  his diagnosis..... his Gall Bladder is only operating at 15%.  

  This is what I do know about Gall Bladder surgery.  

1. I know that the Gall Bladder surgery is outpatient

2. Recovery time is pretty fast.

3.  That is all I know

Grant's older brother Kole had Gall Bladder surgery about 4 years ago, ho is now in his 20's. 

He had a ton of trouble from his surgery and I just don't wish this for my younger son.

I will be gone on Thursday, so help little Ricky Roo Roo as he finds his way thru the morning show solo.  

Any advice and tips about Gall Bladders will be appreciated!



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