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I don't know if these are true but.....

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You know every once in a while I have to try something I saw on Pintrest. Maybe it looks yummy, or a great idea or even a tip like these two I am about to share with you. 

First, is a tip I tried that didn't work. The author claimed that if you cut a lemon in half and insert cloves in the slices, it will keep flies away.  I had a party over the weekend and  though the lemons with cloves were quite festivie, it seem to draw in the flies. Matter of fact they were landing on it the "citrus pretty".    Fail.

Secondly- One tip I haven't tried is the baggy filled with water and 5 pennies. This is suppose to work since the fly  sees  it's reflection.   Many have declared it the perfect fly reducer. I don't know. I will give it a shot- since my house has has many flies as a dairy barn. Maybe they will  ALL die with confusion if I put those baggies everywhere!    I HOPE IT WORKS!  - Summa

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