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Tractor Pulling is coming!!!!

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Ugh..... tractor pulling is just around the corner.  It's not that I am a totally against it, its just not MY thing.

I do enjoy watching Kole, Grant and Mark pull the tractor, but  I don't enjoy watching the other 989 tractors pull. This is precisely why I drive separately from the rest of the family. This way, I can leave asap.  


Here is  what I know about tractor pulling.

1. Red tractors  pull better than green tractors ONLY in this case.

2. Tractors break....and break...... and break.

3. Tractors are EXPENSIVE!

To date not only did "The Runaway Red" try to run-over my husband last May, but it has been fixed about a million times.   It is now on the THIRD motor.  Yep, THREE!    Do you know how expensive that is?  The last motor came from a dump trunk in Minnesota.  Mark and the boys took a  weekend jaunt to get it- which happened to be in the middle of a snow storm.  They later found the same motor in Bois D'arc.

Tractor Pulling..... you can take it or leave it.    In other words  you can fix it or keep it broke.




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