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I have Cabin Fever, do you?

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 Every once and a while you just want to say "Calgon take me away!"  We all know what that means. It means - I have had enough and I need a break.  It means I am overwhelmed, so a nice hot bath may soothe my  nerves and calm me down.

Lately,  I feel the urge for a " Calgon take me away" break-time  when it comes to Winter.  Even though we have actually had a very mild winter so far, we are actually 4 degrees above  normal temperatures, I need warm weather and sunshine!!!!!!

I can't wait until Spring, the urge to  play in the dirt is overwhelming me.  I love the green grass, the flowers, the trees and the birds. I want to plant something and watch it grow. I want to put out flowers in my patio pots, I want to smell freshly mowed grass and hear the tree frogs. Wow, I didn't know how bad I had the winter blues until I put it down on paper.

Officially we are 7 weeks from the start of winter..... it looks like I am going to have to get  a HUGE box of Calgon!!!


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