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My FIRST TV Hearthrob has died........

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  I remember at the age of 4 or 5 watching "I Dream of Jeanie" starring Barbara Eden and  Larry Hagman.  I LOVED, no change that, I was absolutely  SMITTEN with U.S Air Force Captain Tony Nelson aka "Master".    Tony was so LOVABLE, he would help Jeannie get out of  all these problems while keeping her special identity safe. It was a great show and a great "FIRST" TV love.

    Dallas was a huge hit in the late '70's,  where again, MY  "Captain Nelson" better known now a "J. R. Ewing was head of an oil baron family, and the family meany at times.  He kept things stirred up on the ranch and  kept  "Dallas" in the spotlight especially with the big cliffhanger in 1980 of "Who shot J.R!"  

 Larry Hagman fought a good fight after being diagnosed with cancer. He always was looking toward the future, and working.  He was a larger than life human being who took on his roles and made them believable.

  This girl, though no longer 5, will miss "Captain Tony"   as I  remember my first TV crush.  

Enjoy this YOUTUBE montage of Larry Hagman as he entertained us thru the years. 

See ya "Master."


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