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How much is too much money?????

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Ok the Powerball Jackpot is now..... drum roll please 325 MILLION dollars!  Holy Toledo that is some serious moolah!  It is the fourth largest jackpot EVER! 

     Personally, I think that is just too much money for one person to win.   I have watched recently the Lottery Winner Curse on Direct TV.  How people who have won millions, have actually become worse off than they were before winning the big bucks.  Most  have taken the lump sum, then went on a shopping spree  without ANY  financial structure or any thought to the future.  Millions went down the drain and their winning funds were soon depleted. Most wind up with nothing.

  If I won, first thing I would do is  get a reputable accountant to help me decide how and where to put the money.  Second, I would make my lawyer go with me to the lottery building and try to obscure my face as much as possible. Since Missouri is a "winner must collect  money and you  can't send someone in your place"  kind of state,  I would try to dye my hair and pad my body to  change my appearance, just so I might have a chance at a normal life after collecting the money.

I then would take the annuity.  If the jackpot is a whopping 325 million. then the winner after taxes would receive 213 million.  This would amount to about 7 million dollars a year for 30 years!  If I can't budget that for my family, then I need not have the money.

I am off to get my ticket, if I win, I may call in sick on Monday.........See ya later,



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