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What NOT to buy for your girl or guy!

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 We are coming up on the Holiday season in a fast way- its only 10 days until Thanksgiving and 44 days until Christmas. Are you holiday shopping yet?  Hey guys and gals, I have a list of the most hated items NOT to buy for your significant other.

For the Gals

The Number one thing you shouldn't purchase is underwear- let her get her own its followed by

2.Toiletries and cosmetics

3.Perfume, because men never quite pick the right scent

4. Kitchen Utensils                   

5. Cheap jewelry

6.Shoes or slipper

7. A vacuum cleaner

8 Flowers

9 Exercise clothes or workout DVD


The Top 10 things women shouldn't buy

For the guys

The number one thing is Clothes

2. Gadgets- women don't quite get the right one for her guy

3. A man bag

4. stuffed animals                                       

5. shoes

6. Jewelry


8. A meal out

9. Aftershave

10. A framed photo.

You know what is bad?  I get everything except the stuffed animal for my husband. Wow!!!

 If you don't get those things what DO you get him?

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