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The REAL Election.... In or out?

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 Well, the ballots have been submitted, the votes have been counted and the elections are over.... NOW  for the real news.... Do YOU or do YOU NOT wear UGGS?!    I guess the big fashion news is whether the soft suede boots are IN or OUT?    I personally have a pair of knock off UGGS that I only wear when its snowy, I am not a fan of these boots but, because my husband bought them for me, I do wear them. 

    I was doing some research today to see how long UGGS have been in fashion. Some say  they have been in and out since the 70's.  Which I totally believe- I am pretty sure I have seen some people wearing theirs from the 70's most look awful, ratty, stained, torn worn, and falling apart.  Don't get me wrong- I am just like the next girl wanting to get the most out of their boots and shoes especially after paying 135 dollars a pop, but enough is enough retire the boots!

 Now that I am on my soapbox, you know what I really hate?  I hate seeing young girls wearing UGGS when its a scorching 150 degrees outside and they pair the UGGS with shorts.  I  would assume that the boots would stink because of sweaty feet. Why would you want to wear them again?  If I wore them without socks, my boots would not only smell, but could probably stand up on their own!

UGG'S have been re-invented so many times... the hottest craze? Colors! So the big questions is now.... UGGS are they IN or OUT?

My vote is..... UGGS are OUT-let them just go by the wayside like CROCS.... PLEASE!!!!!




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